Aluminum oxide


Formula : N2
CAS : 7727-37-9 

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An element with the atomic symbol N, atomic number 7, and atomic weight [14.00643; 14.00728]. Nitrogen exists as a diatomic gas and makes up about 78% of the earth's atmosphere by volume. It is a constituent of proteins and nucleic acids and found in all living cells.

Titanium dioxide

Formula : O2-Ti
CAS : 13463-67-7 

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C.I. 77891 E 171 R 680 P 25 (oxide) C.I. Pigment White 6 1700 White AI3-01334 Atlas white titanium dioxide Austiox R-CR 3 Bayertitan A Bayertitan R-U-F Blend White 9202 Brookite Cab-O-Ti Calcotone White T CCRIS 590 CI 77891 CI Pigment white 6 Cosmetic Hydrophobic TiO2 9428 Cosmetic Micro Blend TiO2 9228 Cosmetic White C47-5175 Cosmetic White C47-9623 EINECS 236-675-5 A-Fil A-Fil Cream Flamenco Hombitan Hombitan R 101D Hombitan R 610K Horse Head A-410 Horse Head A-420 Horse Head R-710 HSDB 869 KH 360 Kronos Kronos 2073 Kronos cl 220 Kronos RN 40P Kronos RN 56 Kronos titanium dioxide Levanox White RKB NCI-C0424O NCI-C04240 NSC 15204 Orgasol 1002D White 10 Extra Cos Pigment White 6 Rayox Ro 2 Runa ARH 20 Runa ARH 200 Runa RH20 Rutile Rutiox CR Tichlor Tin dioxide dust Tiofine Tiona T.D. Tiona td Tioxide Tioxide R XL Tioxide AD-M Tioxide R-CR Tioxide A-DM Tioxide RHD Tioxide RSM Tioxide R-SM Tioxide R.XL Tipaque Tipaque R 820 Ti-Pure Ti-pure R 900 Ti-Pure R 901 Titafrance Titan White Titandioxid (sweden) Titandioxid [Swedish] Titania Titanic anhydride Titanic oxide Titanium dioxide Titanium oxide Titanium oxide (TiO2) Titanium oxide (VAN) Titanium peroxide Titanium peroxide (TiO2) Titanium White Titanium(IV) oxide Titanox Titanox 2010 Titanox ranc Trioxide(s) Tronox Unitane Unitane O-110 Unitane O-220 Unitane 0-110 Unitane 0-220 Unitane OR-150 Unitane OR-340 Unitane OR-342 Unitane OR-350 Unitane OR 450 Unitane OR-540 Unitane OR-640 Unitane OR 650 Uniwhite AO Uniwhite KO Uniwhite OR 450 Uniwhite OR 650 C-Weiss 7 [German] Zopaque Zopaque LDC 1385RN 59 234DA 500HD 63B1 White A 200 (pigment) A 330 (pigment) A-FN 3 Aerolyst 7710 Aerosil P 25 Aerosil P 25S6 Aerosil P 27 Aerosil T 805 AK 15 (pigment) Amperit 780.0 AMT 100 AMT 600 AUF 0015S B 101 (pigment) Bayer R-FD 1 Bayertitan AN 3 Bayertitan R-FD 1 Bayertitan R-FK 21 Bayertitan R-FK-D Bayertitan R-KB 2 Bayertitan R-KB 3 Bayertitan R-KB 4 Bayertitan R-KB 5 Bayertitan R-KB 6 Bayertitan R-U 2 Bayertitan R-V-SE 20 Bayertitan T Bistrater L-NSC 200C BR 29-7-2 C 97 (oxide) CL 310 CG-T C-Weiss 7 Titandioxid UNII-15FIX9V2JP EC 236-675-5

Used medically as protectant against externally caused irritation & sunlight; high concentrations of dust may cause irritation to respiratory tract.